Pokhara here we come!


Startup Weekend is coming to Pokhara for the very first time from Sept 27-Sept 29. Since Pokhara is the center of Tourism in Nepal what better way to center the Startup Weekend Pokhara on Tourism – wouldn’t you agree? FYI: September 27th is also observed as the World Tourism Day – so this startup weekend is that much special.

The organizers have been working very hard to piece together Startup Weekend Pokhara. This event is taking place in Anand Business Hotel, Prithivi Narayan Chowk. It’s about 3km away from lakeside so plan accordingly.

What should PARTICIPANTS do?

Get excited! Yes, Startup weekend is a global event that takes place in many cities around the world. There are 15 other startup weekends happening on the very weekend we are conducting our startup weekend – your counterparts will be brainstorming, discussing, presenting and winning the startup weekend like you. All this is swell but if you want to make the most of your time at Startup weekend we do have a few suggestions

-Read about startup weekend and know what happens at startup weekend

-Think of an idea to pitch at Startup weekend. If you have an idea share it, if you don’t have an idea – think about it and share it. It’s quite an experience getting in front of people and telling them to listen and like your idea (Not mandatory but highly recommended)

-Think about what you want to get out of the weekend and plan accordingly. If you want people to vote on your idea – prepare a creative one minute pitch that will blow everyone away. If you want to learn about business – you may want to stick with some business minded folks. But either way you will leave Startup Weekend that much wiser! If you want to find your future employee or partners – definitely pitch, talk, network and start making connections!